by Tony Wan, Head of Investor Content at Reach Capital

The pandemic forced the world to conduct the biggest experiment with online education ever. And what we’ve learned will fundamentally shape the future of teaching and learning.

The early days shone a spotlight on existing disparities. Thirty percent of U.S…

by Esteban Sosnik, General Partner at Reach Capital

For too many years, anyone who has tried raising capital in edtech has faced skeptical investors who cite similar reasons for their reluctance: past investments were underwhelming. Up to 2020, few startups have scaled fast or big enough to generate fund-return exits…

by Jennifer Carolan, General Partner at Reach Capital

In my 25 years in education, I cannot recall a more angst-filled back-to-school time than now. This week, more than half of our nation’s children will have returned to school. …

by Chian Gong, Partner at Reach Capital

Shortly after the country went on lockdown last March, I welcomed my first child. Being a new parent was, of course, a life-changing event. …

How an Online Technology School Will Fuel Economic Mobility Across the Region

By Esteban Sosnik (General Partner) and Enzo Cavalie (Investment Associate)

Lee este artículo en Español.

Reach sees education as an engine of economic mobility. And this is especially true in emerging markets like Latin America, where a growing middle class, increased adoption of online learning, and an acute but unmet…

Cómo una Escuela Online de Tecnología Potenciará la Movilidad Social en la Región

Por Esteban Sosnik (Socio) y Enzo Cavalie (Asociado)

Read this post in English.

En Reach, vemos la educación como un motor de movilidad social. Y esto es especialmente cierto en regiones como Latinoamérica, donde la clase media emergente, la creciente adopción de la educación online, y una demanda significativa pero…

by Tony Wan (Head of Investment Content, Reach Capital) and Brittany Lin (VP of Sales Operations & Partner Development at Honor)

The success of startups is often tied to the success of their customers. …

by Tony Wan, Head of Investor Content, Reach Capital

Over the course of two days this week, the U.S. education technology market felt as if it accelerated by more than two decades.

Duolingo, the popular language-learning app developer, filed for its IPO. So did Instructure, maker of the Canvas learning…

by Guido Kovalskys (Co-founder, Nearpod)

Dear Guido,

My company is currently fundraising and we have received interest from venture capital and private equity firms. What are the pros and cons of each? How do I weigh which source of capital is right for me?

— Frantically Fundraising

Hi Frantically Fundraising,

by Tony Wan, Head of Investor Content at Reach Capital

Every startup starts with a story. And how those stories are shaped and shared are essential to attracting customers, partners, investors and talent as businesses grow.

But stories are only effective if they reach an audience. And breaking through the…

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